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PE and Sport Premium

PE/Sport Premium

At Greythorn, we want all our children to love exercise and to be fit and healthy. We aim to offer them a wide variety of opportunities so that they can discover a sport that they really enjoy and that they will continue with as they get older. It also promotes positive attitudes towards physical activity and leading healthy lifestyles. 


PE and Sport play a very important part in the life of our school. We believe that Physical Education and Sport contributes to the holistic development of young people and, through participation in Sport and PE, young people learn more about key values, such as co-operation, teamwork, fair play and respect for themselves and others. Furthermore, sport provides a healthy environment for young people to learn how to deal with competition and how to cope with both winning and losing. 


At Greythorn Primary School we believe that by following our school scheme of work and the requirements of the programmes of study, it forms a framework that ties in with our school ethos and philosophy. Areas of study include: Invasion Games, Dance and Gym, Net and Wall, Striking and Fielding and Fitness and Athletics. Greythorn children will also have the opportunity to go Swimming and take part in Outdoor and Adventurous Activities. 


Through our wide and extensive PE provision, at Greythorn Primary School we hope to promote the following values:-


Be kind to teammates and opponents, truthful and promote fair-play. Be positive and diplomatic in social situations.


Working creatively to explore different tactics across a range of sports. Learning to be creative in solving problems across a range of sporting contexts.


Respecting classmates and the wider school community both in sporting and non-sporting contexts.


Believing in yourself and having the courage to give things a go.


Striving to achieve and exceed expectations. Showing resilience in challenging situations.


Aspire to be the best Greythorn sportsperson you can be.


Showing pride for both your own and the achievements of others.


Taking responsibility for your contribution to a sport or team, as well as in the wider school community.


Please see our Key Knowledge Progression Document:

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