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Through the varied, creative and rich curriculum that is provided at Greythorn, history plays a vital role in helping children discover about the world they live in, find out about how the world got to be the way it is and enable them to make informed decisions about the future.


At Greythorn, we introduce children to a variety of different enquiries throughout their school life, giving them opportunity to discover many different periods of history through the use of artefacts, stories and sources. In KS1 children explore the lives of significant individuals from the past, such as Matthew Henson, Amy Johnson and Rosa Parks and also discover key historical events, including The Great Fire of London and The Gunpowder Plot. In KS2, children will investigate how Britain has changed since 1066 through exploring various different historical periods, such as the Stone Age, Roman Age, Viking Age and Anglo-Saxon age. Children in KS2 will also study periods of ancient history including Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Islamic civilisation.  Throughout these enquiries, children have the opportunity to learn from through theme days, theatre companies and outside speakers. We often use local companies, such as Partake Theatre to bring history alive and to let children learn history through dance, movement and drama.


 At Greythorn, we also try to let the children become the historian and time detective by using historical enquiry to allow children to question and develop their thinking, discover information for themselves from historical resources and to provide enjoyable, simulating experiences to create a passion for history.


Please see our Key Knowledge and Progression Document:

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