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Foundation Stage


In the Foundation Stage we learn across the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. To view the curriculum <<Click Here>>


We aim to provide all children with a broad, balanced, exciting and enjoyable experience. Children are actively encouraged to have a positive view of themselves and others and to be caring and responsible towards each other.

We want children in our care to be successful and happy learners and we do this by making them feel secure and cared for; we provide the correct environment, plan opportunities and activities and respond to your child’s needs. Having the correct environment and adults to support and guide helps to develop your child’s curiosity; build up their resilience; form positive relationships; be confident and articulate; and have the necessary reading, number and writing skills and abilities ready to move into Key Stage 1.

It is our aim that children have the foundations for future learning as they move into KS1 and into the National Curriculum

Our partnership with you is very important because if teachers and parents work together then children will achieve greater levels of success.


The Foundation Stage unit that your child is part of is made up of two classes, although the provision in the room and the outdoor area is shared by both classes.

We learn through play inside and outside of the classroom and have planned daily literacy, maths, phonics and reading sessions. There will be a combination of adult led or adult initiated activities as well as times for child initiated play.

Inside the room is set up into different learning areas to ensure children can have continuous access to resources which are planned in accordance to the curriculum. The children will know this as 'challenges' that they complete across the week. 


The areas include…

*maths area

*writing area/message centre

*malleable area

*phonics area

*reading area

*technology area

*small world area

*construction area

*creative area

*modelling area 

*chat area

*home corner


Plus an outdoor area where there are further areas, these are…

*role play related to the topic e.g shop,café or a space shuttle.

*sand area

*water area

*musical stage area

*large construction

*mud kitchen


*sports equipment

*messy play


and lots more!!


In Foundation Stage your child will be learning skills, acquiring knowledge and demonstrating their understanding across 7 areas of the curriculum. These areas of the curriculum are divided into prime and specific areas.

Three prime areas are fundamental, work together, and move through to support development in all other areas, these are ; i) Physical Development ii) Communication and Language iii) Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Plus four specific areas that include essential skills and knowledge for children to participate successfully in society, these are; i) Literacy ii) maths iii) Understanding the World iv) Expressive Arts and Design.


Throughout the year we plan an overview of enquiry topics to reflect the breadth and content of the EYFS curriculum. However we do try to involve children in the development of the topic and utilise children’s interests.