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As Pablo Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist”. Here at Greythorn, we firmly believe this and we aim to provide a curriculum that is fun, relevant, robust and showcases our trust values.


Art and Design is an integral part of any child’s learning and development. At Greythorn, we strive to provide a comprehensive, personal and exciting curriculum that equips children with all the essential skills needed to become competent artists.


Our aims for every Greythorn child are as follows:

  • for them to be given the opportunity to practice, explore and develop a range of techniques and skills essential to becoming a competent artist;
  • for them to experiment with, and record, their own personal ideas and designs;
  • for them to study famous artists and their cultural/historical significance;
  • for them to be able to critique, compare and evaluate artwork (including their own) in a constructive, positive way;
  • for them to recognise how Art & Design has impacted the past and the modern world and how it can lead to careers later on in life;
  • for them to understand the ways that powerful artwork can evoke and capture powerful moods, feelings and emotions;
  • for children to work towards authentic outcomes that celebrate their hard work and achievements, and instils a sense of pride;
  • for them to develop their resilience, perseverance and focus through the learning process of creating artwork.


In order to meet these aims, all teachers work hard to ensure art lessons are planned and taught to a high standard. We take great care in designing units of work that not just link to our enquiry topics but are also reflective of the children themselves; art is diverse and so is the Greythorn community. Therefore, we are constantly adapting our delivery of Art & Design in order to keep it as relevant and meaningful as we possibly can.


Please see our Key Knowledge Progression Document:

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