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Values and Ethos

Our Values


Kindness is hugely under-rated in our society but at Greythorn we encourage all members of our community to treat each other with kindness and respect. Through PSHCE lessons, assemblies and our behaviour policy we teach children that kindness and respect help the school work well for everyone.


Our school is a wonderfully diverse community and throughout the year we provide opportunities to celebrate our differences as well as the many things we have in common.


Our school values (or gem powers) sum up how we expect all our school to behave, we believe they are simple and straightforward and that if we all follow them we will have a happy school where everyone can succeed:









Seeing how these values enable us to work harmoniously as a community provide a context for the teaching of British values, which the government defines as:


- democracy

- the rule of law

- individual liberty

- mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith


Through our behaviour policy children see the benefits to all of abiding by rules and the consequences when rules are broken.


Our Vision


We have developed a clear vision of the child we would like to see leaving our school at the end of Year 6. This vision is reflected in our curriculum, our teaching and learning strategies, our assemblies and the ethos in our school.




The Greythorn child has high levels of English and Maths and has developed excellent learning behaviours. This means that they are well prepared to succeed in the next steps in their education.


The Greythorn child knows that they are part of a diverse community. They hear from members of this community through visits to school in lessons, assemblies and specially themed weeks. We encourage them to look outwards to how they can be involved in the community through sporting events, choir visits to local groups and many linked activities with other schools through our membership of the Flying High Trust.




The Greythorn child is a global citizen. Through our whole school curriculum themes, which take place in the spring term, we teach children about their role in protecting our planet. These themes include: Rainforests, Oceans, Hot & Cold and Earth & Space. When children are moved by the things they see happening in the world around them we encourage them to arrange fund-raising events.