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School Closure Information

School Closure Decisions

Decisions about the closure of the school is a matter for the Head Teacher, with consideration given to warnings about travelling conditions. The Head Teacher will judge the severity of the journeys faced by both pupils and staff but, if in doubt, should always err on the side of safety in arriving at a decision.


In the event of a decision being taken to close a school earlier than normal because of deteriorating weather, we will take all possible steps to contact children's parents at the earliest possible opportunity. Children will be kept at school until the Head Teacher is satisfied that appropriate arrangements have been made to look after them.


School Closure Message

In case of snowy weather, or cases such as boiler breakdown etc. we may have to close early or not open. Please refer to the pointers below to check the latest news:


Use your judgement – if the weather turns nasty, be prepared to collect your children early from school or have alternative arrangements in place if you can’t make it.


Text message or email - this is the main way you will be informed of a school closure- please make sure we have your up to date details

Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure the school has the correct details for your child and all associated contacts. This doesn’t just mean keeping ParentPay up to date (which you can do yourself – but doesn’t notify the school of any changes) but more importantly let the school office know so that the school’s main database can be updated – which is where we send text messages from. You can always check what details we have for you by asking for the office for a full printout. If it’s a simple mobile number or other small update just email the changes to the school office.


School website –

This will be updated after text messages & emails have been sent.

Look at the Noticeboard on the homepage or go directly to the News section.


Local radio stations – Radio Nottingham (95.5 and 103.8FM)

We update BBC Radio Nottingham so that the closure appears on the BBC Nottingham website and is broadcast on BBC Radio Nottingham.