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PSHCE at Greythorn

Personal, social, health and citizenship education plays an integral role within a balanced curriculum offered at Greythorn Primary School. PSHCE develops pupils’ confidence, emotions, respect & understanding of others, self-esteem, life skills and understanding of the wider world. PSHCE at our school provides opportunities for pupils to have their voice heard; it gives them the chance to share their opinions, ask questions and challenge the views and ideas of others in a safe environment.


At Greythorn Primary School, we believe that by following our school overview based on the Nottinghamshire skills ladders, it forms a framework that ties in with our school ethos and philosophy. Areas of study include: Citizenship, E-Safety, Financial Education, Keeping Healthy, Relationships and Sex Education, SEAL and Staying Safe (including Drug Education). As part of our PSHCE provision, year 5/6 also take part in the DARE programme. We also enjoy themed weeks as a whole school: kindness week, anti-bullying week and cultural celebrations week. Children also have the opportunity to take part in fundraising events throughout the year.


Through our PSHCE provision, at Greythorn Primary School, we hope to promote the following values:


Be kind to others. Kindness is highly valued at Greythorn.


Contribute -both in school and out- in a variety of ways: discussion/debates, art, writing, performances and role-plays.


Respect each other, regardless of gender, religion, disability, race, age, beliefs, opinions or sexual orientation.


Believe in yourself and have the courage to give things a go. Speak out about your beliefs and share your opinions.


Show resilience in challenging situations. Build up a growth mindset and a ‘can do’ attitude.


Aspire to be the best person you can be. Every child has an equal opportunity to succeed in life.