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Phonics and Spelling

Year 1 Phonics


There is a 'Letters and Sounds' phonics lesson for Year One children added to their YouTube channel every day at 10.30am. These lessons recap the sounds that your child will have already learnt in school and gives them extra practise to read and write words with these sounds in. 


There are also some 'Learning to blend' lessons which are really useful if your child recognises sounds but it not yet blending them together to read words. 


The lessons are very similar to the phonics sessions we teach in school as we also follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics Programme.  


Follow the link below to access the lessons. 

Year 2 Spellings 


We would suggest using the 'Monster Phonics' programme for Year 2 where a new spelling pattern is taught each week. There is normally a daily video or PowerPoint and a range of activities to access over the week. 


If your child is not reading fluently yet then we would suggest they follow the Year 1 Letters and Sounds lessons (see above). 


See the link below for Monster Phonics!

                                                                 Phonics and Spelling Games

Here are a few links to websites with fun games linked to phonics and spelling. The children will be most familiar with the phonics play website as we have played these games in school.