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Parents Evenings

Parents' Evenings


Parent’s evening provide an important opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teacher, catch up on the progress they are making and discuss ways that they can be supported in their learning at home. At Greythorn we are believe that working in partnership with parents is vital if children are going to fulfil their potential.


The school use an online booking system for Parents' Evening.  Look out on the newsletters highlighting the dates.  Using the online system you can book your own appointment times.  


Full details will be given when the system is active.


To book on please go to the following  website; to see which appointments are available and select one that is convenient for you.


PLEASE NOTE: You need to type this address into your website browser’s ‘address bar’. Do not try to ‘Google’ this website address, or use a ‘Search Engine’, as that will not work.  


You will need:

Your child’s first name and legal surname, date of birth and class name;


Teacher(s) Class Name
Mrs Lounds / Mrs Moss Pine
Mrs Cutt Elm
Miss Turland / Mrs Patching Willow
Mis Hillman Oak
Miss Bratton Maple
Miss Fryer Holly
Mrs Roberts / Mrs Riley Rowan
Mr Shaw Beech
Miss Hud Silver Birch
Mr Sidery Yew
Mr Marshall Sycamore


An ‘Automated Booking’ wizard has been added to this software. This is a new way of booking and will allow you to enter your availability and choose which teachers you want to see before returning with the most efficient way to see all these teachers. You can use the tabs at the top of the page to book for all your children at once too. This will make the booking process even quicker for parents with more than one child. Just look for this symbol:


Troubleshooting Tips – Please read before booking or calling for help!
• The child’s date of birth has to be entered in exactly the right format e.g. using four digits for the year of birth - 12/09/2009
• Where it says ‘child’s register class’, you need to put in class name as listed in the table above, such as Pine and not the teacher’s name.
• The email address you enter is only to get a confirmation of your appointment. If the system is saying it does not recognise you, it will not be the email address that is the problem.
• Don’t forget to scroll down past the first evening to the second evening if a suitable time is not available on the first evening.
• You should be able to change between children by using the tab at the top of the screen, and any appointments booked will show so that you can’t double book yourself.

• The system will not allow you to book back-to-back appointments as this will allow parents time to move between classes.


The ability to book online has a cut-off date and time, so please make an appointment before the deadline.


If you are unable to book online at home, please telephone or call into the office where we will be able to book appointments on your behalf.