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Consultation: Change of catchment area

Today, Monday 5th December 2016, we have launched a consultation regarding our catchment area, I am writing to invite you to respond and make your views heard if you would like to. The governors have proposed that we change our catchment area for admission to Foundation stage in September 2018/19.

There are three main reasons why this change has been proposed: firstly, at present the catchment area for Greythorn ends at the County/City boundary. Wilford Village is presently excluded from our catchment area by virtue of the county boundary, despite it being adjacent to the Compton Acres estate where a significant number of our children live. The governors feel that this is an arbitrary boundary, which should be extended to the more obvious border provided by the A52 and the River Trent.Secondly, Greythorn would provide for parents in Wilford a non-faith alternative choice of Primary school.  Finally, our change of catchment area would bring the catchment area of the combined family of schools in line with our secondary school, The West Bridgford School.


At present around 50% of our children live in the catchment area, we do not see therefore that any parent who wants to send their child to Greythorn and lives in the catchment area will be denied a place. In fact, the governors have expressed a desire that every parent who applies for a Foundation stage place in 2018/19 from the catchment area is given a place.


It is important to the governing board of Greythorn to consider the views of our parents and the wider community. If you would like to contribute to the consultation please visit our web-site, the online form is located under Key Information, or simply

<<click here>>

The consultation will run from Monday 5th December until Friday 27th January. After this date the governing body will meet to consider the evidence gathered and to determine the school’s admissions arrangements for 2018/19. We will publish the final admissions arrangements for 2018/19 and the results of our consultation on 15th March 2017.

If you have any concerns that you would like to discuss with me please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Yours sincerely


Sally MacDonald


Head Teacher