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Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation Stage!

Pine Class and Elm Class

Elm Class: Mrs Fairclough (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs Moss (Thursday to Friday)

Pine Class: Mrs Gell

Miss Smith and Mrs Gul work across the classes 

Wednesdays - Mrs Lounds (every other Wednesday morning) Miss Smith (every Wednesday morning)

Mrs Riley and Mr Hooley every Wednesday afternoon



 Please see below for all the exciting things we do in our classes!

 Autumn 2 

Light up The World

Enquiry question: How can we light up the world? 


This half term our enquiry question is about how we can light up the world. We are thinking about this in real terms of lights and colour but also how we can light up the world with the actions we take. We are thinking about how to light up somebody's face by showing them kindness and respect. 

To start with we are thinking about fireworks lighting up the sky and the festival of light - Diwali. We are also focusing on colours and patterns in the world around us. Then we are moving onto thinking about light and dark and how colours change during the day and night. This is leading on from the children's interests about owls and light and dark last term. We are building on their experiences and memories to spark new learning. As we move through the term, we will be thinking about different celebrations that light up the world - thinking about Eid and Christingle and how people celebrate these. We will be discussing the respect we have for everyone's cultures and beliefs. 

We will be rounding off our learning with Dragons - linking to breathing fire and linking to our theatre visit to watch the Snow Dragon. 

In Literacy, we are retelling stories and adding our own ideas. We are writing our own words sentences and trying to sound out these independently. Look at the texts we are reading each week. 

In Maths, we are starting with naming and describing 2D shapes and completing repeating patterns. Then building on from our knowledge of numbers to 5, we will become secure with numbers 6 to 10 and learn all about how we can make these numbers and one more and one less than. 


Our learning will accumulate in a showcase for parents on Monday 9th December (afternoon) so the children can show you all the things they have learned in a little performance. Please put this date in your diary. 



Enquiry Questions each week  

Week 1 - How can we light up the sky?  Who celebrates the festival of light?  

Week 2 - Why do we wear a red poppy?  How can we light up somebody’s face?  

Week 3 - What colours can we see around us? What is Eid?  

Week 4 - Where can you see the northern lights? What material is best for seeing lights?

Week 5 - Would dragons live today?  Which is the best material to see in the dark?  

Week 6 - What is Christingle? Is it always dark in Winter? 

Week 7 - How do we celebrate Christmas?



Autumn 2 Texts

Autumn 2 Texts  1 Week 1
Autumn 2 Texts  2 Week 2
Autumn 2 Texts  3 Week 3
Autumn 2 Texts  4 Week 4
Autumn 2 Texts  5 Week 5
Autumn 2 Texts  6 Week 6
Autumn 2 Texts  7 Week 7



Thursday 5th December - visit to Lakeside Theatre to see The Snow Dragon


Monday 9th December - Celebration showcase for Parents/Carers 2.30pm 




We start learning Phase 3 in the Autumn term 2

We learn a set of letters each week but we are flexible to children's needs and we adapt planning accordingly to revisit phonemes that the children might not be as secure with. 





Tricky words- read

Tricky words - spell

Week 1


Recap all Phase 2 cvc words

j, v, w

I, go, no, into, the, to


Week 2


y, z, zz, qu, x

he, she


Week 3


ch, sh 

we, be, me


Week 4


th, ng



Week 5


ai, ee



Week 6


igh, oa 


Week 7


Assess and review





In Foundation Stage we follow the school values as the learning behaviours that we would like for the children. These are values for school but also values for life. At Greythorn, along with the Flying High Trust, we have chosen values that will create life long learners for the future. 


These are: Aspiration, Respect, Kindness, Resilience, Creativity and Confidence


There are 6 Gem Heroes that have these values as powers along with a special gem stone. We use these to help teach the children about the values and for praises and rewards. 

Bucket Fillers


In Pine and Elm classes, as well as teaching the children about the 6 school values, we have a behaviour system that links to kindness. Kindness is Greythorn's unique value and something that is so important to learn at an early age. 


To do this, we have a system called Bucket Filling. There is a story that we read to the children and all children start with a bucket of their own in the classroom with pom poms to represent the idea of bucket filling. 

The idea is that everybody in the world has an invisible bucket that can be filled by others when they do something kind that makes them feel good about themselves and happy. When somebody smiles at someone or pays them a compliment they are filling that person's bucket but also their own. We teach the children to be bucket fillers and not dippers - dipping a bucket is when somebody is unkind. 


Read this story to understand the concept more...


(We know that there are some incorrect spellings in the powerpoint - it is a resource from the original Bucket Filler creator!)

Tapestry - Wow moments at home!

If your child has done something wonderful at home that is a 'Wow' achievement let us know by adding it onto Tapestry, our online learning platform. This could be a swimming milestone, your child suddenly being able to do something independently, riding their bike without stabilisers or saying something that simple blew you away. We would love to see a photo and read all about it on Tapestry. 


Click here to watch a clip of the correct pronunciation of the phonemes and use our Jolly Phonics booklet to help your child learn the actions to match the sounds.


Please bring a named water bottle for your child. We encourage children to drink throughout the day to keep them hydrated and ready to learn. Please ask them not to put them in their book bag as we end up with soggy papers and books! 


Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school all the time. Our PE day is Wednesday but we may do physical activity at other points in the week.



Thanks for your ongoing support

Foundation Team