Through the varied, creative and rich curriculum that is provided at Greythorn, history plays a vital role in helping children discover about the world they live in, find out about how the world got to be the way it is and enable them to make informed decisions about the future.

At Greythorn, we introduce children to a variety of different topics throughout their school life, from The Great Fire of London and Victorians in Year 1/2, Vikings and Egyptians in Year 3/4 and Ancient Greeks and Mayans in Year 5/6.  Throughout these topics, children have the opportunity to learn through theme days, theatre companies and outside speakers. We often use local companies, such as Partake Theatre to bring history alive and to let children learn history through dance, movement and drama.

Children are also encouraged to work to research and discover about history at home, providing the opportunity to share with their family. This allows children to make, bake and create anything they like, linked to their history topic!

At Greythorn, we also try to let the children become the historian and time detective by using historical enquiry to allow children to question and develop their thinking, discover information for themselves from historical resources and to provide enjoyable, simulating experiences to create a passion for history.