Through the curriculum that is provided at Greythorn, geography plays an important role in helping children understand the world they live in, provoke and provide answers about the natural and human aspects of the world and develop a connection to their place within it.

At Greythorn, we introduce children to a variety of different enquiries throughout their school life, from going on an Australian adventure to looking at the Frozen Planet in Year 1/2, Rainforests and Rivers in Year 3/4 and India and Our Planet in Danger in Year 5/6. Throughout these topics, children will gain knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and environments, along with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. Children have the opportunity to learn through fieldwork and trips to gain first-hand experiences to develop their crucial geographical skills.

At Greythorn, we also try to let the children become the geographer by using geographical enquiry to allow children to question and develop their thinking, discover information for themselves and to create a curiosity and fascination about their world and preparing them for the future. It is important for our children not just to answer questions but to ask and debate them too. As the future generation responsible for our planet, we want our children to feel that they can make a difference.