Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

At Greythorn we aim to inspire the children to develop a love of languages and to explore other cultures. The core language taught at Greythorn is French. We intend to provide a foundation from which the children can develop further language studies in KS3 confidently. In FS and KS1 children are introduced to the language informally through activities such as answering their name, songs and rhymes.

In KS2 children are taught a discrete French lesson weekly. Lessons are planned following the National Curriculum and the MFL knowledge and skills progression document. During these lessons children are introduced to new vocabulary, learn different songs and rhymes, read texts in French, listen to native speakers and participate in conversations and role play activities. All of these develop confidence in speaking and listening. In addition, children are taught to read and write French- building from single words to phrases and then sentences. Children will also gain an appreciation of French culture, customs and traditions.