At Greythorn, Design & Technology is taught through a variety of inspiring creative and practical activities. Pupils are taught the knowledge and skills they need to be fully engaged in the process of designing and making. We actively encourage children to work in a range of contexts, such as the home and school, gardens and playgrounds, the local community and wider environment.

Whether it be participating in whole school Design & Technology competitions, visiting other schools to take part in enterprise and business based challenges or completing Design & Make Projects in the classroom, we believe that Design & Technology is crucial for pupils to be prepared for life in a rapidly developing technological world. We aim to fully equip pupils with the technical expertise that they need to succeed as well as promoting creativity and imagination in their work.

We also aim to ensure that, as part of Design & Technology, pupils can draw on and apply their understanding of other subjects such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art and we have recently been enjoying our termly STEM days.