As Pablo Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist”. Here at Greythorn, we firmly believe this and we aim to provide a curriculum that is fun, relevant, robust and showcases our trust values.


Our curriculum encourages children to experiment with ideas, take risks and to reflect on mistakes and feedback from teachers and peers.


The children’s success in Art is celebrated in classroom displays as well as exhibitions on the Art wall. We strive to make children proud and confident in their final pieces.


Here at Greythorn, we believe in giving every child the chance to develop their artistic skills in a variety of ways across a range of mediums. Art offers immense freedom and ownership for children.


At Greythorn, there are many extra-curricular opportunities on offer to develop the children’s talents further from Clay Creators modelling clubs to multi-school projects across our trust.

Respect and Kindness

Art projects that are undertaken at Greythorn usually involve teamwork and valuing the ideas and opinions of others. We promote respect and kindness not just by working together in class but also by forming partnerships across the school. For example, across classes, key stages and during lunch times and break times.