In Year 5 and 6 we follow a creative curriculum where we base our learning around an exciting and engaging termly enquiry. 

A typical school day will follow the timings below:

9.10- 10.10: Maths. Daily maths sessions include mental and oral starters, problem solving and reasoning, arithmetic, shared work and input, independent work and games/ plenary to reinforce knowledge and skills.

10.10- 10.25: Break

10.25- 11: Spellings/ Handwriting/ SPaG. For spellings we use Spelling Shed. This explores using different spelling patterns and applying them in different ways. In handwriting, we practise spellings using the Nelson script. In SPaG sessions, we focus on an element of punctuation or grammar in shared and independent work. 

11- 12: English. We cover a variety of genres such as poetry, narrative, information and persuasion texts. Over the week, we look at the key features and good examples of text types, followed by practising of the features and then apply these to build up to their own final independent piece of writing. 

12- 1: Lunch

1- 2.15/ 2.30- 3.30: We have 2 sessions in the afternoon and cover Science, Enquiry (including history, geography, art etc), PE, SEAL/PSHCE and swimming. 

Our teachers are: Miss Hud, Mr Sidery, Mrs Cox and Mr Shaw.