In Year 3 and 4 we follow the National Curriculum where we base our learning around an exciting and engaging termly enquiry.

A typical school day will include the following: handwriting, English, spelling, maths and in the afternoon we cover the wider curriculum such as; science, RE, history, geography, music, DT, art, music, computing, French, Learning for Life.

English: In English we cover a variety of genres such as poetry, narrative and recounts using high quality texts as starting points to model and inspire the different language features. A unit of work may last for three or four weeks. During a unit, we look at the key features and good examples of text types. This is usually followed by imitating a text, innovating a text and finally applying the features of the genre independently in their own piece of writing.

Reading: Children will read and analyse a text using the skills of retrieval, inference, vocabulary and summarising. We complete reading journals throughout each half term applying these skills. We may also focus on extracts of text using reciprocal reading lessons.

Spellings/ Handwriting/ EGPS: For spelling we are using the Spelling Shed scheme. This explores using different spelling patterns and applying them in different ways. We also do daily handwriting practise using the Nelson script.

Maths: In maths, we follow the White Rose scheme of work. The children will focus on the main areas of place value, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, measurement, geometry and statistics. Daily activities include mental and oral starters, whole class activities, independent work and lots of reasoning and problem solving.

Enquiry: Enquiry is taught through an engaging enquiry question; this changes every term. Our enquiry will be driven by one of our curriculum areas. For example; What can we learn about belief, power and culture in ancient civilisations? Is driven by history. At the end of the enquiry there will be an authentic outcome to motivate the children throughout to have something amazing to have achieved by the end. Each week there will be a history lesson that will explore this enquiry and the key knowledge that it covers.

Science: We have a weekly science lesson that includes aspects of investigation and theory to develop children’s scientific understanding. In Year 3/4 we learn about states of matter, animals including humans, forces and electricity, rocks, plants, light and sound.

At home, you can support your child by reading with them daily, practising their weekly spellings and times tables. We also provide a termly enquiry homework which allows the children to showcase some of their independent work from home.

The teachers in Year 3/4 are Miss Bratton, Miss Whitehead and Miss Myers.