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British Values

British Values At Greythorn 

Mutual Respect 
One of the first things children learn when they start at Greythorn are our school values.  These include: respect, resilience, kindness, aspiration, creativity and confidence.  Our behaviour policy supports children to behave respectfully and rewards them when they do. 
Our PSHE and RE programmes of study promote respect through education about the views and beliefs of others and by giving children the opportunity to discuss issues, share their own beliefs and listen respectfully to those of others. 

Individual Liberty 
Through our behaviour system we encourage children at Greythorn to make choices, we support them as they learn to make the right choices that lead to our school being a happy and safe environment.  We emphasise that all behaviour happens as a result of the choices that people make and that there are always consequences to our actions. 
We provide a rich variety of lunch-time and after school clubs from which children can choose to pursue their own interests.  Through our assemblies we celebrate the wide spectrum of interests followed by our pupils. 
In class children are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their own learning, many of our teaching and learning techniques give children choices about how they approach a task, whether they work in a group or individually or how they can best present their ideas. 
Our Year 6 ambassadors help others in the school to make good choices and their own choices are respected in the jobs they are given to do around school. 

Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs 

We are fortunate to have many different cultures represented in our school. Through our ethos and behaviour system we promote listening to others and respecting their views.   
Our RE curriculum teaches children about different faiths; as they move through the school they will learn about Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.  They will hear the stories that teach the values and belief of these religions and learn how people of faith celebrate and demonstrate their beliefs. 
Visitors from different faith backgrounds are invited into school, to take assemblies and to be involved in special events throughout the year. Our children also visit a variety of places of worship.  

Greythorn children know that they have a voice.  Every class elects a school council representative who will take their concerns to our School Council, who meet regularly.  The School Council are encouraged to listen to their class mates, to make fair representation and then to report back.   
Two of our School Council represent the views of Greythorn children at Rushcliffe Pupil Parliament and FHT Children's Parliament, they visit the NCC Chambers and see how democracy works on a local level.  
The Head Teacher gives opportunities to present ideas about what works well in the school and how things could be improved. 
Our governors visit the school and conduct pupil interviews to hear the views of the children about their learning and their school. 


The Rule of Law 
Our school functions well when everyone follows the rules; this is a message that is reinforced through our behaviour policy and throughout the school day.   
At the beginning of each school year children are invited to create a class charter, or a set of class rules, which they all agree to abide by. 
When children do not follow the rules, there are clear consequences and sanctions which discourage this in the future.  We believe children should always be given the opportunity to reform and our high standards of behaviour come as result of our positive approach and the belief we communicate that everyone wants to do the right thing. 
In Year 5 & 6 children have the opportunity to take part in the Notts Bikeability programme, which teaches them basic road worthiness. Our DARE programme (drug and substance abuse education) is partly delivered by members of the police service, thus positive relationships and attitudes are encouraged.