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Year 1/2

Spring Term 2019 in Y1/2


General notices:

  • This half term we will have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school on these days. As long as the weather is nice, we will be using outside as much as possible.
  • Spellings will come home each week on a Monday and then will be tested the following Monday.
  • Number facts tests will be on a Monday in maths groups.
  • Reading books can be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. Children will change their books themselves. Please see a member of the KS1 team if there are any issues with this!
  • Remember to keep up the reading! Record each time that you read with your child in their reading record. Those children that read 5 times in the week will be rewarded with a stamp in their book and a sticker on the 5 Star Reader chart. Each half-term we will celebrate those children who have consistently been 5 Star Readers!

Frozen Planet

This term we will be joining the rest of the school with the whole-school topic: Hot and Cold and trying to answer the question: Would you rather live in extreme hot or extreme cold? For the first half-term we will be finding out about the cold parts of our world in our topic: Frozen Planet. Please have a look at the overview below to find out what we will be learning.

In topic we will be:

  • Asking and answering geographical questions about the polar regions
  • Identifying why different animals are suited to polar habitats and polar food chains
  • Using our enquiry skills to find out about Scott the explorer
  • Creating 3D box scenes of polar habitats
  • Designing and sewing our own penguin puppets
  • Using different materials to create art inspired by polar habitats and the Northern Lights

In English we will be:

  • Learning and retelling "The Great Explorer" by Chris Judge. We will then be writing our own Explorer stories.
  • Writing poems inspired by Wintery weather.
  • Creating our own Top Trump cards for different polar animals and writing instructions on how to play it.
Picture 1

Other dates:

Parent helpers wanted to help with sewing our penguin puppets (w/c 11.2.19)